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Hello World!

How time flies! It's been almost a year and a half since I finished my masters in math, and here I am again studying for another (post-baccalaureate) degree in computer science. My mom's been pestering me to "stop studying". But I just allow myself to continue. Or perhaps I wasn't listening to her at all.

At any rate, I will be pursuing a masters in information systems in the same university, after I finish the diploma degree in CS. The only question would be: How soon after the DCS?  I had been planning on taking a one-year off from studying, but it appears that my current classmates would like to finish MIS immediately after being done with DCS. It would certainly be a challenging one for MIS -- what with the increasing difficulty of the subject material for DCS, moreso with the Comprehensive Exam requirement for MIS covering topics from both DCS and MIS. I really am looking forward to finishing DCS and MIS the soonest possible time -- but should I take a break first?

Hey! We've just been done with analyzing algorithms and their complexity! Isn't that cute? Hehehe. Back in secondary school, I could barely comprehend what the Big-OH notation meant -- and now I was like -- OH, so that is Big-OH!

Also just received my midterm score in the other subject for this semester. Not so good, but not too bad either. All in all, it's been a very rewarding semester -- I've been learning lots of CS stuff for the past few months -- things I usually only hear during technical job interviews and group meetings at work.

It really pays to scrutinize information presented to you -- in whatever form. Like, we had one question in the assignment that says "ABC Algorithm blah blah blah". I thought it referred to a generic algorithm. My partner pointed out to me that the ABC meant an acronym. It's "Artificial Bee Colony". Now that sounds extremely interesting! And not to mention, the idea is relatively new -- goes back only to the year 2005.

That's all for now folks! I'll keep blogging when I have more time. Next topic might be about maths in general and some numbers in particular. (Yes! Numbers have names too!)
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