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The Art of Lying


(1) Lying is not telling the truth at a particular point in time. 
(2) Liars are those who almost always lie (often times for personal gain). 
(3) A "white lie" is not telling the truth about a different person (for that person's welfare).


(1) "Goodness" of anything is measured relative to one's self.
(2) What is good for one's self may not necessarily be good for another. If there are at least two good things for one's self and another, common sense dictates that one should choose the best for one's self.
(3) "Goodness of self" is about "sharing some of the best that you have with another".
(4) It takes (exactly) two to tango.


(1) Lying can be good.  (e.g. in matters of life and death)
(2) Making a few "white lies" does not make you a liar.
(3) Always making a "white lie" (at your personal expense) is not good.
(4) The "best white lie" that one can ever make in one's life has got to do something with sacrifice (e.g. self-denial).  Case in point:  You can make it appear that you are the worse choice because you want your best friend to get the "prize".
(5) Lying can make everyone happy.  Except perhaps, the one who lied.  (This is what is called an "optimal white lie".)
(6) Lying can make everyone unhappy.  Except, of course, the one who lied.  (Believe it or not, this can be a "white lie" - but can it be optimal?)
(7) Never lie to your tango partner (alluded to in Assumption #4).
(8) At one point in our lives or another, we would have made at least one lie ("white" or otherwise).
(9) Thus, nobody is a pure truth-teller.  That is, everybody is at least a "white liar".

The Signs
(1) Avoiding eye contact.
(2) Changing the topic.
(3) Nose rub, etc.
(4) Re-aligning eyeglasses.
(5) Looking at his/her watch while you are still talking.
(6) Pretending to get angry at you.
(7) Not answering a question directly.
(8) Giving an answer for a different (albeit related) question.
(9) Other [more] obvious reasons (e.g. running away while being chased)

There are infinitely many ways to lie, but there are also infinitely many ways to get caught at it.  So if you have to make a big decision someday, stick to the truth.  Because it is easier to show the truth than to hide a lie.

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