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On Three MO Posts -- and the Ultimate Reasons

A few weeks ago, when I made my first post in MathOverflow, I (honestly) didn't know that I was supposed to ask at least one question.  (That is, in the sense that, you can present answers to other people's questions, but you are "technically" required to ask at least one other question, related to your answer.)

So what happens if you already have the answers?  Then you can try "twisting" the truth and pretend that you still do not know.  But we do not ask, if we already know!  Why would you ask somebody else a question, if you already know the answer, and you are already sure about your own answer?

The answer to that question is simple, and two-fold:

(1)  You would like to know if others share your opinion.
(2)  You are unsure about your own answer yourself.

That being said, let me now point you to three particular MO posts that I have made (all of which have a bearing on the OPN conjecture):

(A)  Reference Request - Sharp Estimates for a Logarithmic Sum
(B)  On Sorli’s Conjecture Re: OPNs (Circa 2003)
(C)  Re: Mordell’s Equation y^2 = x^3 + k

Any comments, suggestions, and/or (violent?) reactions, please do let me know.

(jose_arnaldo.bebita_dris AT yahoo DOT com DOT ph)
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