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Second Math Paper Uploaded to arXiv

A Short Note on Odd Perfect Numbers

In the M. S. thesis titled "Solving the Odd Perfect Number Problem: Some Old and New Approaches" and completed in 2008, the author obtained $\rho_i \ge 3$ $\forall i$, where $\rho_i = \displaystyle\frac{\displaystyle\sigma(\displaystyle\frac{N}{{q_i}^{\alpha_i}})}{{q_i}^{\alpha_i}}$ and $N = \displaystyle\prod_{i = 1}^{\omega(N)}{{q_i}^{\alpha_i}}$ is an odd perfect number. In this short note, we present a simple strategy to improve this result to $\rho_i \ge 5$ $\forall i$.
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