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From Yahoo! News: "Could lead codices prove ‘the major discovery of Christian history’?"

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In my (personal) opinion, I think these codecs do not just represent maps.  They might represent (for example), the bloodline of Jesus Christ.  After all, if Christians during that time believed that the second coming of the Messiah would be "similar" to how Jesus was born, then (following Biblical passages) the second "Christ/Messiah" will have to be descended from his bloodline / ancestry.  If that's the case, they would have needed to trace every single one of his descendants - I mean, LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

And why did they need to do that?  The reason is simple - True Christians have always (and will always be) under persecution.  Because nothing hurts more, than to hear a true Christian speak pristine truth.

However, Jesus himself told them that they cannot keep any secret a "secret" forever.  Hence, this archaeological find, if and when proven authentic (e.g. when it fits into the bigger "jigsaw puzzle"), will probably enable anyone with a clear mind and a pure heart to discover the true second "Messiah/Christ".

Disclaimer:  I make the argument from my very first paragraph on the basis of the following observation - Trees represent growth.  And mathematically, a "tree-graph" is nothing but a systematic representation of growth.  Now, notice that the "tree-graphs" above are mostly "binary trees".

Yes, the truth hurts, but it shall set everyone free.  (Refer to recent "art/fiction" books like "Da Vinci Code".) 
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